boxes of captain canuck statues on palette

February Update

boxes of captain canuck statues on palette

Statues Shipping From China in Two Weeks

Hello all,
Quick update. We have received encouraging news regarding the container shipment. Sea shipping from China will start in 2 weeks. We have a US shipping partner that will be helping us for the journey. It will initially land in California, then make its way into Toronto. We also just received word the statues have been picked up by our freight forwarder, so the wheels are in motion!

boxes of bedrock collectibles statues stacked in truck
stacks of canuck statues loaded onto truck
boxes of captain canuck statues on palette
Bedrock Collectibles shipment for canuck
Bedrock Collectibles shipment of statues loaded onto truck
Captain Canuck boxes loaded for shipment in February

In January, to at least get some statues moving, we were able to find a direct shipping arrangement for all US orders. They are shipping via economy so it will take about a month to arrive. Some have actually started to arrive, and have been received with great feedback. A few other shipping issues are being resolved on our end. If you have any questions or issues, please let me know.

Art Prints

For any early direct orders, the art prints are not included as our original plan was to insert them manually once the bulk container arrives. Once it actually arrives, we will take the time to add the art prints as well as mail the art prints to those who received early shipment.

What’s Next Beyond Captain Canuck?

There are a lot of exciting projects in the works. First, I really want to take care of the container shipping, get it in transit and into North America. Afterwards, we could start announcing one of many new developments. Some news might get released before then, though that’s because other parties might be excited to get started . Looking forward to sharing more soon.

Thank you all once again. Feel free to reach out to me via email any time.


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