Captain Canuck First Look!

Hey Canuck fans, we have an exclusive first look video of our Captain Canuck statue. For anyone on the fence, or just want to see it in motion, click below.

Seeing our statue featured with great production value, is a great feeling and will motivate us as we push towards production

The video was produced by fellow Canadian statue enthusiast, Gina B! If you’re a fans of statues and figures, subscribe to her channel for more awesome videos.


If you haven’t already preordered, we also just announced the 45th Anniversary Signature Statue. As the name suggests, the statue base is signed by none other than Richard Comely, the creator of Captain Canuck! This is a very limited edition of 45 statues so make sure you preorder soon before they get sold out.

Thanks for your support, if you know anyone that would be interested in the statue, please share this with them! It would be a huge help to grow our audience.

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