Refund and Pre-order Policy

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Bedrock Collectibles - last updated 09/09/2022

Hello Fellow Collectors!

Thanks for shopping with Bedrock Collectibles. Please read our refund and pre-order policy below. We encourage all potential buyers to read our policy before purchasing to not only make sure we’re on the same page, but to minimize any issues.

We want to have a great relationship with all our customers for years to come and want to continue making artisan quality statues.

Rather than having a difficult and sometimes awkward conversation later, we are being upfront with our policies to avoid any misinterpretation so we could serve you all better. We reserve the right to change our agreement and policies on this page at any time, with or without notification. We strongly recommend all buyers to bookmark this page and check back for regular updates. With that said, have a read and if you have any doubts, let us know if you have any questions.


Preorders are a great way to secure your purchase of a limited edition collectible, without having the fear of missing out. Paying in full gives peace of mind to all parties. Especially you as you don’t need to worry about paying an installment a few months later.

On the other hand paying in full is not for everyone. An installment payment gives you the best of both worlds; you could secure your pre-order early for little money down while spreading out your payments so you don’t have a large one-time bill.

Pay in Full

Pay in full allows customers to purchase items without having to worry about paying for shipping  ( non inclusive of customs, unless mutually agreed upon via direct communication).

If an item is not yet available, the customer will be notified via email.

Pay a Deposit and Pay Remainder Later

This is a manual process where we will issue a custom invoice to pay a deposit upfront, typically 30% of the items’ value, and the rest is payable once the item is ready to ship from our factory overseas.

Installment Plans ( ie monthly, 3 or 6 month plans)

This is a flexible payment plan allowing customers to break a large purchase into smaller payment at a regular payment interval spread out over 3, 6 months or greater.

Pre-order Cancellation Policy


Paid in Full

Any preorder item paid in full may be returned for a full refund provided:

  • The order is canceled within 5 days of the order date

After 5 days, we could still issue a refund, however a non-refundable deposit ( ~30% of the item value) will be kept.

Pay a Deposit and Pay Remainder Later

Given this is a manual process with a custom invoice, an initial deposit is required as explained above. In the event of a cancellation the initial deposit, typically 30% of the item value ( or any other value mutually agreed upon beforehand)  is considered as non-refundable.

Installment / Payment Plans / Deposits

With regards to the initial first deposit on a installment/payment plan/ flexible pay option, it is considered a non-refundable deposit. See explanation on non refundable deposits further explained under the Additional Information section.

Provided that ~30% of the item’s value has been paid as NRD, all additional payments made above the NRD are refundable. 

The only exception is if the last payment of a payment plan is long overdue for a preorder nearing release. See below.

Late Installment Payments

Buyers are responsible for making timely payments for their installment plans. We encourage all buyers to pay attention to their scheduled payments ahead of time. Once you receive your payment invoice via email, please pay within 14 calendar days.

If you have an outstanding payment greater than one month for a pre-order that has completed production and due to be released, we reserve the right to cancel your preorder. No refunds will be provided. The previously reserved collectible will be made available to the public, or if it is sold out, made available to another prospective customer on the waitlist.

Whether paid via installments or paid in full, refunds are issued to your original payment funding source ( i.e, credit card). Please allow anywhere from 5-14 business for the refund to reflect on your credit card balance, depending on bank and country.


Return Cancellation Policy

Any orders could be returned within 14 days of receiving your item(s). This means customers should contact Bedrock within 14 days of receiving their item(s). Refunds will be processed less any non-refundable fees and any shipping charges. Returned items must be in their original brand new condition, complete in their original packaging, including all parts and accessories. The buyer is expected to arrange shipping back to us. Moreover, all return shipping costs are at the buyers’ expense.

Transaction Fees

Transaction Fees incurred from payment processors such as stripe are considered non-refundable, as they no longer refund fees. These fees are typically 3.0% + 0.30 cents.

Exchange Rates

Any differences in exchange rates from the time of purchase on your credit card to the time of the refund request, are non refundable.

Shipping Refund Costs

As mentioned above, for any returns the buyer is responsible for shipping costs back to us. 

If Bedrock arranges return shipping a customer’s behalf, the return shipping fees will be deducted from their total refund amount.

Damaged Items

Sometimes damages happen during shipment and is a regrettable part of the business.  As we are collectors ourselves, we feel your pain. That is why we offer replacement parts to make sure you get the best version of our statues!

We could provide replacement parts to customers at no added cost. While we do not guarantee we have the exact replacement part, we will coordinate with our production team first to ensure we have the correct part. Please advise us of the damaged item within 14 days of receiving your product.

Please inspect your item within 14 days and advise us within the time frame to ensure we could service your request. After 14 days, we cannot accommodate any return requests. 

Any photos of the damaged part will be help in order to assess if we have the replacement part available. In addition, please take a picture of the underside to the base to capture the edition size of your collectible.

Please note the brown shipper and art box are excluded from damaged item policy as those are made to order and limited in number.

Lost Items

We will make all attempts to retrieve potentially lost items. If unfortunately an item is deemed to be lost in transit, we will provide a replacement to the customer for no added cost.

External Third Party Purchases

Did you purchase your items from another vendor outside of the Bedrock Collectibles website? If so, and if you have an issue, please contact the vendor. We don’t have control over vendor issues, unfortunately we cannot provide much assistance. As long as the request is reasonable and most vendors are able to accommodate.

Additional Information


Availability Status

PRE-ORDER:  This means the product is currently in production, or in the process of being created. As the items we produce are considered limited editions / collector editions, we allow for these items to be reserved in advance, if they are pre-ordered. This allows you to ‘secure’  your right to buy a certain item before it becomes available to be shipped.  The item will not be shipped until it’s in stock. The expected shipping time frame is displayed on the item’s web page. This is the most up to date information we have available. Once we have a confirmed ship date for the collectible, customers who pre-order will receive e-mail notification. If there is a change to the expected time frame, the collector will be notified via e-mail.

UNAVAILABLE / JOIN WAITLIST: The item is currently not currently available however collectors are added to a waitlist and advised at a later date they item will be available .  You can add yourself to the waitlist by clicking ‘Join Waitlist” if the option is available on our website. If the option is not available, please reach out to us via email and we will manually add you to our waitlist

SOLD-OUT: The item’s page is marked with a “sold out” icon if there are no  limited edition quantities remaining or the manufacturing of a general limited edition run has ended.

Non-Refundable Deposits (NRDs)

It’s no secret in the collectibles industry that all preorders involve a non-refundable deposit. These NRDs help you as the buyer to secure limited edition collectibles while they are in the process of production.

For us at Bedrock, non-refundable deposits help us tremendously in the following ways:

  • ensures a smooth production process with minimal hiccups
  • enables timely production
  • maintain exceptional product quality
  • Control costs for us and for you. Creating high-end statues and collectibles is an expensive process. Consider this:  if we did not have a NRD after launching pre-orders, we would need to absorb this shortfall in production costs in order for production to continue. As we are a small company, added costs are a big challenge. As a result, we may need to increase our regular retail price later or even increase the price for future projects. We don’t want to do that, we want to continue creating great statues with value. So let’s keep that in mind when considering NRDs.

Non-refundable deposits for us are typically 30% of the item’s full price, depending on project. They cannot be transferred to another order whenever canceled. As mentioned earlier, the first payment or 30% ( whichever is greater) on a payment plan is considered non refundable. Similarly, as mentioned earlier, for refunds on items paid in full after 5 days, ~ 30% will be retained by us as an NRD.

Licensing Regions

Some of our products are licensed for certain regions. For example, one of our licenses is Canada only. If you are shipping your product to the United States, unfortunately, we may have to refund your order due to our licensing restrictions.

Declined Payments

If a payment on your currently open pre-order failed, you will be notified via our system or  email.  If a payment fails multiple time (2+), the order will be  canceled and any NRD ( Non Refundable Deposit) already processed is held as the cancellation fee.

What caused your payment to get declined?

If you haven’t already had this problem, it might help to know what triggered your payment becoming declined.  There are a few reasons why this may have occurred:

 The financial institution is not allowing the payment to process successfully. Typically this is a result of:

  • Incorrect entry of card details or code for a new purchase
  • Insufficient funds
  • Fraud hold from the financial institution.
  • Payment method on file has expired. 

While expired cards and manual errors are an easy fix for buyers, we strong encourage buyers to contact their financial institution for any other issues.  It goes without saying, all buyers are responsible to ensure all payment options on file, and current addresses are current and valid. If not, this may lead to unwanted declines and cancellations.

We have the right to close a customer account for an excessive amount of returns deemed unrelated to manufacturer or shipping damage. While we review each on a case by case basis, if the returns cannot be justified, it may be in our best interests to close a customer’s account.

Payment Disputes and Chargebacks

We understand customers want easy payment options and peace of mind. That’s why we offer payment plans and easy product returns (preorders – 5 days, in-stock/post pre-order period – 14 days). We make our policies clear and available to buyers in several different locations to ensure they cannot be missed:

  • on our checkout page before purchasing – you agree via our checkbox you have read and agree to our terms, conditions and policies
  • bottom of our website banner
  • product page
  • order notification email
  • Website engagement button (bottom right on homepage)

Any credit card company submitting a claim/dispute/chargeback on behalf of the customer regarding any refund or issue:

  • will be given a copy of our policy agreement
  • evidence of our checkout procedure showing customers accepting our policies via selecting the checkbox option before confirming their order.
  • shown the various and easy to access locations to read our policies.

This will demonstrate our agreement of our policies with the customer and lead to swift denial of dispute.

We do not take chargebacks lightly and may result in the customer’s account being closed permanently. Further, we reserve the right to blacklist any customer found abusing the chargeback system, preventing them from doing business with us again. We are easy going but we need to protect our business reputation.



We make every attempt to keep our current pricing for our products. Due to unforeseen situations and business conditions, Bedrock may change its product pricing. If a product price has increased by Bedrock, all committed buyers are expected to follow the new revised price. 


We hate delays as much as you do. Unfortunately, it is a normal part of our business. Any target release dates are our best estimates only. In the collectibles world, delays are mostly caused by production delays and the ever-growing international shipping challenges. We make our best efforts to communicate delays in a timely manner. If you are wondering about the status of an item, feel free to email us.



Shipping costs for preorder products are based on estimated dimensions and weight and are subject to change without further notice. Ideally, shipping will be calculated and payable once ready to ship, however for some products shipping may be due at time of preorder.

Any shipping fees for items initially purchased and then shipped, are non-refundable. 

We always want to provide our customers the most affordable shipping rates. Given the growing global supply chain issues, all carriers have increased their shipping prices. Therefore we have to make similar adjustments to better manage our costs.

We ship internationally however, we reserve the right not to ship to high risk jurisdictions at our own discretion.

In stock

Depending on the item, shipping may be calculated at checkout or some time before shipping. Depending on the items location, whether at our location or overseas, will have varying shipping costs and maybe subject to additional customs and brokerage fees.


An email will be sent to you with your tracking number once an order has shipped.


Taxes & Customs

Buyers are responsible for any VAT, import and customs fees that may be applicable. Bedrock is not responsible for any applicable additional charges for your country. Nor can we reliably estimate your customs fees. Canadian buyers will not be subject to any customs fees unless shipping has been directly arranged from an international location. Such occurrences will be communicated with the buyer directly beforehand.

Canadian purchases are subject to GST/PST payable at time of purchase. Additional taxes such as VAT may be applicable for some countries.

Shipping Quotes

A shipping quote can be provided prior to shipping. Be advised the quote may not be an exact amount when the time comes for shipment.

Local Pickup

We offer local pickup for all our statues and collectibles from our warehouse location in the Greater Toronto Area. Let us know if you’re interested and we will coordinate on a suitable pickup time.

 Package Refusals

We understand sometimes customers may be frustrated and may even refuse to accept our packages. Before you do anything, let’s talk! Tell us why you are unhappy and let’s find a way to make this situation right again. Reach out to us via email and explain the situation. A refused package means you are responsible for the shipping charges incurred to return it to our warehouse.  It’s best to avoid this situation for everyone involved, plus you don’t want to incur additional charges if they could have been avoided.

If you changed your mind last minute and want to cancel. In this case, we will be following our return policy outlined above to guide our next steps. Let’s review your situation and see what we could do. Now recall that return shipping is at the buyer’s expense, please keep that in mind…we have already stated it here twice. In order to process the return, the collectible will need to be first received back at our warehouse. Once we have the collectible, we will refund you the amount owed less any non-refundable fees and any shipping charges.

For any issues, or anything you see that could be an issue, talk to us! If it’s within the scope of our policy or if you are not sure, just reach out to us ;).

At the end of the day, we are reasonable people.