Why Work with Us?

Fit for your corporate needs

As a licensor, you want to grow your brand. Our products grows your brand's popularity/awareness by introducing existing customers to luxury collectibles

High Volume Production Capability

Get production moving. Our team and facilities makes the statue creation process more efficient, and easier than ever

Competitive Advantages

Bedrock Collectibles has access the world-class artists, designers and equipment. High barriers to entry make it difficult to for competitors to compete with our unique value proposition.

Product Packaging & Fulfillment

Our warehouse is your warehouse. We manage packaging and shipping on behalf of your business

Transparent Collaboration

We collaborate with you to ethically and efficiently design, engineer, prototype, manufacture, package and ship the best product to market

High Margins and ROI

Luxury statues with their higher level of detail command a higher price, therefore enabling licensors to earn greater returns over traditional merchandise

Veteran Design Team

Strong and capable design team with over 5 years experience in the collectibles industry

Build stronger brand loyalty, trust, and engagement

Our goal is to create products that meaningfully extend a brand's value beyond print or media, and form a deeper connection between your customers and the characters they love

Our Process: How We Operate

Defining the problem

Our team brainstorms possible opportunities in the collectibles space, constantly looking for popular characters and ideas with a strong and passionate fanbase

Conduct the research

We carefully research each idea through exhaustive market research to determine project feasibility. We ensure for each project we undertake, their is strong consumer demand

Concept Art development

Our artists create concept artwork to create unique designs and poses that bring characters to life

Design & Development

3D Artists translate the vision of our concept artists into meticulous and highly detailed 3D models. Once complete our production team manufactures and hand paints each statue to ensure customers receive a one of a kind product.

Final Discussion

Here our team plans the logistics and distribution of our statues to ensure they arrive timely and well protected

Product Launch

Our digital marketing and social media prowess ensure our products reach a mass audience and generate meaningful leads.

Official LIMA Member

We are a proud member of LIMA ( The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association). We look forward to working with our domestic and global members.

Practice makes perfect

Our expertise in all facets of statue production gives us a competitive advantage over the average collectibles producer.  Our experience with  base construction,  materials use and engineering allow us to create unique dynamic poses

Worlds of Innovation

Bedrock Collectibles creates added value for customers and licensors by developing additional headsculpts and the capability of creating light-up options with LEDs




If you are a brand looking to produce licensed statues, partner with us and we will handle the rest!