About Us

Founded 2019

Humble Beginnings

We started out as statue hobbyists, following the industry’s growth from the start, to it’s meteoric rise into mainstream media . Our diverse backgrounds, professions and our common passion for creating statues, lead us to create our own company, Bedrock Collectibles.

With over 5 years industry experience, Bedrock aims to push the boundaries of statue creation with an emphasis on creative designs with immaculate detail.

captain canuck prootype statue behind flag view

Made For Collectors by Collectors

Representing Canada

Proudly Canadian owned and operated, here at Bedrock we focus on creating the most memorable statues from your childhood and current pop culture fandom.  

For our first featured statue, we partnered with Toronto based Chapterhouse Publishing  to bring you the first Captain Canuck statue.  As local partners, we are honored to produce statues for a Canadian icon like Captain Canuck. We can’t wait to release it to all the fans in Canada and abroad.

We Support Canadian Collectors

What Makes Us Different

Our 3D printing competitive advantage

We produce quality products delivered on time, with decreased risk . For every project, our team will go one step further to ensure your goals are met.

Consistent High Quality

Our 3D printers are tuned to achieve unprecedented quality, and thanks to our software-driven factory, we keep costs low and pass the savings directly to you.

We Source The Best materials

We only use the best quality polystone resin, PVC and other materials to create durable and long lasting collectibles

Flexible Scalability

Ramp up production to meet your requirements - we could scale from 1 to 10,000 parts with ease


Our Mission

Our goal is to connect people with the brands and characters they love

We want to create collectibles that do more than just look nice on a table or display case.  Through our craftsmanship, we help collectors immortalize their favorite characters in statue or figure form. Everyone has their own story of their favorite character, movie, game or brand.

Our job is to bring that memory to life.

Captain Canuck render_wipformal_brightwhite

Meet Avi Ay, Our Artist

Avi is well known and one of the best sculptors in the statue industry. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and brings his talents to Bedrock where he will create awe-inspiring works of art.