Silent Hill 2: Red Pyramid Thing & Maria Elevator Chase Diorama

Sculpted in high-quality polystone resin, Bedrock Collectibles captures this iconic scene in full 1/6 scale for Silent Hill fans across the globe to own and appreciate in their collection.
The diorama also includes a removable elevator door, to help relive this memorable moment from the perspective of James, the main character. Be the first to secure your waitlist spot on this premium licensed Silent Hill 2 statue diorama.
Limited Edition.

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Bedrock Collectibles is proud to present the Silent Hill 2 : Red Pyramid Thing & Maria Elevator Chase Diorama. This ambitious 1/6 scale statue diorama is sculpted in high end polystone, featuring Red Pyramid Thing chasing Maria down an elevator corridor. Video gamers remember this masterful scene for its feeling of suspense and terror. This is a limited edition production of the remake is hand painted and individually numbered. The diorama is early in development and character models are subject to change pending new updates to the game. Join the waitlist to secure your spot and stay informed.


Memorable Diorama Concept and Design

This emotional and harrowing depiction of the elevator chase scene was recreated in meticulous detail, from Pyramid Head’s steel frame and brutish physique, to Maria’s terrified facial expression.
The dynamic nature of this statue diorama captures a moment in time, as Pyramid Head readies to swing his Great Blade while Maria attempts to run away and reach the elevator in time with her outreached hand.

The question is: What will happen to her?

The scene was made possible by the art direction of Francis Lim.


Storytelling Done Right Through Collectibles

All our collectibles are meant to tell a story that connects fans with the franchises and characters they fondly remember. Our Silent Hill 2 Remake diorama is a perfect example. We take environmental detail seriously that’s adds to the moment. Pyramid Head’s Great Blade effortlessly slices through the Hospital walls in a plume of dust, seeking to strike down Maria. The cold metal interior frames the scene as James Sutherland prepares to press the fully sculpted elevator door buttons to get out of this hellscape.


Removable Elevator Door

The elevator door is a great device of the environmental storytelling, however, collectors can remove it to have a full view of the elevator chase scene in all its detail.

You can also keep the elevator door and recreate this scene from James’ perspective. Viewed from the front, you are James, almost helplessly watching these moments unfold in right before your eyes.


1/6 Scale Premium Diorama for Serious Collectors

The size is 1/6 scale, though it will have a commanding shelf presence that deserves to be displayed in full view. While there are many other 1/6 scale SH collectibles, ours uses high grade polystone resin, in a much grander scale with two characters in an environmental set piece. These are statues, not toys or figures so they make a great addition for video game collectors.


Luxury Quality Polystone Resin

A historically celebrated game and an iconic moment in video game history deserve to be preserved in artisan quality polystone resin. The Silent Hill 2 statues of Maria and Red Pyramid Thing are sculpted with a great attention to detail. Each character is fully realized in a high resolution 3d sculpt, collectors will undoubtedly admire and appreciate from all angles. The remake will feature lifelike appearances and our premium statue diorama is no exception.


Limited Edition Red Pyramid Thing & Maria

This premium statue diorama is a limited edition production. As these will be produced in high quality, they will be produced in limited quantities. The edition size is not yet known as we want to determine how many people are seriously considering this diorama. Each diorama will be individually numbered to indicate the rarity of this production. With limited availability, this statue diorama will be highly sought after, so be sure to secure your waitlist and pre order slot today.


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Product renders and prototypes, final product is subject to approval and may vary.


Additional Details & Dimensions for Silent Hill 2 Diorama

Brand: Konami
License: Worldwide
Type: Diorama
Scale: 1/6
Price: TBA
Edition Size: TBA
Estimated Release Date: Q2 2024 ( Estimated release date currently in development)
Limited Edition
Materials : Polystone

©Konami Digital Entertainment


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