Bakugan Drago and Dan 1/10 Scale Collectible Diorama

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Bedrock Collectibles is proud to present the first premium Bakugan collectible, the Drago and Dan 1/10  scale diorama! Sculpted in high quality PVC vinyl, we turned back the clock and brought back fan favorite characters, Dan Kuso & Drago for an epic and nostalgic, highly detailed diorama!

Drago and Dan Are Ready to Brawl!

This diorama goes back to the roots of Bakugan, where it all started, Battle Brawlers.

Bakugan Nostalgia for the ‘Kidult’ in You

We wanted to capture what Bakugan fans loved while growing up, so we decided on an action pose instantly recognizable by fans of the series.

[smartvideo src=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ responsive=true controls=true playsinline=true]

A Premium Sculpted Diorama Bakugan Fans Deserve

Dan Kuso, with his gate card in hand, stands ready to answer the ‘call to brawl’, joined by his massive Guardian Bakugan, Drago. A behemoth in his own right, Drago towers over the battle arena, with his imposing frame and outstretched wings.

Dan is sculpted with an extreme level of detail fans of the show know and remember. Featuring his signature hexagonal googles, keeping his exaggerated tapered brown hair in place. He wears a bright yellow shirt, covered with a short fitted red overcoat. Long red trousers with black stripes at his knees complement his look. His outfit is rounded out with his Bakugan gear on his belt. With his confident facial expression and outstretched hand, Dan holds a detailed gate card in between his blue fingerless glove. He knows his opponent made a big mistake and is ready to unleash his next attack.

Drago is seen preparing to unleash its Boosted Dragon fireball attack, immolating everything in its path! Drago’s razor sharp teeth, claws and massive barbed tail are on full display ready to protect his Battle Brawler, Dan Kuso. Drago’s main body is painted in bright and dark reds, accented by yellow spikes and a ferocious horn. A fiery backdrop emerges as a protective ward of engulfing flames surrounds both characters. All while standing atop a gate card inspired circular base, detailed with various attribute symbols as a nod to long-time fans.

One more added touch for Bakugan fans, we have included a bakuball holder on the base. Bakugan collectors could use their existing bakuballs and use it as a bakuball display.

Dan Kuso

As the main protagonist of the original Battle Brawlers anime series, Dan Kuso was one of the most popular characters from the beginning. Dan is known for his unique personality and his ability to be a leader. While his relationship with Drago was initially rocky, now together they protect Earth and Vestroia.

Drago (Pyrus Dragonoid)

The dragonoid hails from the planet Vestroia and is known to be one of the strongest Bakugan on the planet.

What it lacks in agility, Drago makes up through high intelligence and powerful blazing attacks. Drago, by nature, is impatient and a pacifist. He answers the call to be Dan’s guardian and protect the earth.

Limited Edition with Certificate of Authenticity

Our 1/10 scale premium diorama is a limited edition production. You won’t see a massive production for this collectible (exact number to be determined) and each will be hand painted. You will receive a certificate of authenticity for each diorama, individually numbered, unique to your purchase.

Preorder Now!

Bakugan has never seen a fully sculpted collectible in this level of scale or detail ever before.

Rekindle your childhood memories of Bakugan and proudly display this rare sculpted diorama of the series’ most memorable duo! Our diorama makes a great addition to your gaming room, living area or even your own collectibles display for you to admire forever. Pre order today to secure this rare Bakugan premium diorama!

Estimated Release Date: Q2 2024 –  (Update: Oct 2023 – We will be working with a new factory partner and will be entering production as soon as possible.)

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Additional Details & Dimensions

Brand: Spin Master
License: US & Canada
Type: Diorama
Scale: 1/10
Materials : PVC

Product Dimensions *approximate size and dimensions:

Height: 11.8 inches ( Dan is 5.9 inches)

Width : 15.1 inches

Depth: 10 inches



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