DC Trinity 1/4 Scale Premium Statue Diorama

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In DC Comics, there are no bigger or iconic superheroes than Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. That’s why they are called the DC Trinity. The trio transcends pop culture, forming the ‘Bedrock‘ of the DC Comics Universe. What better way to pay tribute to the world’s greatest superheroes than to present the 1/4 scale DC Trinity statue diorama set! This powerful depiction of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is sculpted in the highest quality polystone resin. Once assembled, it stands at a heroic 32″ tall. What makes the DC Trinity special is our modular design! Our focus on design and engineering allow statue collectors to display all characters separately, each with their own uniquely designed base – OR combined together in one epic display of the Trinity. Each character is master painted in meticulous detail, bringing DC’s finest to life with museum level quality. As a rare limited edition, you can own all three DC Super Heroes in this stunning 1/4 scale statue diorama.

This is an ambitious project the statue industry has not quite seen before pushing the boundaries of design, scale and engineering. The ultimate goal is to bring statue collectors an awe-inspiring, definitive version of the DC Trinity with a commanding shelf presence. A large scale statue diorama of this caliber is meant to be displayed front and center by DC collectors with an appreciation for fine art.


Check out this first look video from Gem Mint

[smartvideo src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcWWNPM1yTA” width=”1280″ height=”720″ responsive=true controls=true]


Gotham’s greatest detective, aka the caped crusader, is an integral part of the DC Trinity and a founding member of the Justice League. After losing his parents at a young age, Batman exacts righteous vengeance on the criminals of Gotham City. Batman is perched in a crouched position on a Gotham rooftop, above an ominous gargoyle. Batman’s costume design takes inspiration from classic and modern interpretations. His cape is sculpted and textured with great care, creating a brooding silhouette as he surveys Gotham from afar. His boots and gloves have a distinct leather texturing that pop out from the statue. The most impressive aspect of the statue is the impeccable level of detail on the suit textures highlighted by the paint. Batman’s textured suit is sculpted to such a fine level of detail, combined with the paint apps, looks like it is truly made of real fabric! It makes you want to reach out and touch it just to feel it yourself. Armed with his Batarangs and Batclaw, Batman is ready to take on the Rogue’s Gallery of Gotham City.


Mild-mannered journalist Clark Kent and last son of Krypton, is front and centre of the DC Trinity. Our unique design and engineering are out on full display with the 1/4 Scale Superman Statue. Superman is posed in a subtle off-centre floating stance with closed fists, observing Metropolis atop the Daily Planet. He features a red sculpted cape as it flows in the wind. The high resolution suit textures and creases of Superman’s costume highlights our attention to detail. His vibrant blue costume contrasts with the bright yellows of his chest emblem and belt. The floating effect was achieved using a heavy duty rod to firmly secure Superman. He can also be displayed on a lower elevation to give collectors more options.

Wonder Woman

She’s known as the goddess of war and the champion of Themyscira. Raised as Princess Diana of the Amazons, her incredible superpowers made her a fearless warrior and indomitable combatant. Thrust into a world she doesn’t know, Wonder Woman spreads her message of truth, justice and harmony.

Handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, Wonder Woman exudes radiance and beauty in this 1/4 scale statue. Master painted with soft skin tones, featuring her signature tiara and raven-colored flowing hair, her appearance is lifelike in statue form. Princess Diana is protected by an armored corset, sculpted with intricately detailed ribbed patterns. Gold accented armor trims are featured throughout her armored battle dress. All topped off by a stylized Wonder Woman chest insignia. Her two-color sculpted cape and fur mane gives Wonder Woman a unique, empowered look. Wonder Woman’s golden braided Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Submission and Sword of Athena round out her arsenal. Lastly, she is bestowed with the Aegis Shield, adorned with a golden eagle crest. All the other details, from the sculpted stitching on her leather textured armored skirt to the belts, buckles, and boots, make Diana look like the most fashionable Amazonian Princess!

Our Own Justice League of All-Star Talent

We assembled our own cast of all-star talent at all stages of production to make this collectible diorama special. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were expertly sculpted by legendary 3D artist, Caleb Nefzen! His 3D sculpts are world famous in the statue industry, creating some of the rarest and highly sought after statues in the market. To ensure the highest quality, we are 3D printing this statue diorama using Ownage, the best factory known in the statue industry. Last, but not least, the entire project was art directed by the great Sam Gilchrist. His outside the box thinking and keen eye has made this an ambitious diorama for the ages.

Modular Statue Design

Space conscious collectors rejoice! As mentioned, each character can be separated and displayed on their own standalone base. Collectors can move their statues freely to their main collection or preferred display areas, without worrying about moving the whole diorama. So if you wanted to pair our Superman with your Darkseid statue for an epic showdown display, you can go right ahead!

We got more good news. Are you looking for more display options, say a grand 360 degree centrepiece viewing option? Well, our Superman can be rotated to face outward in the same direction as the Daily Planet building logo. Now you have each character facing a different direction, creating a full 360 viewing experience to be enjoyed from all angles.

Compact Footprint

Many 1/4 scale statues take up a lot of space. While our diorama is grand in design, it is more thoughtful with its compact appearance. Compared to three individual 1/4 scale statues, our statue diorama has an exceptionally small footprint. In many cases, our diorama measures smaller than similar statues. Measures at a respectable 32.3 in (H) x 27.2 in (W) x 22.5 in (D).

Exceptional Value


The pricing of our DC Trinity diorama set is more competitive, giving you more ‘bang for your buck’. Similar 1/4 scale statues on the market with the same level of detail and quality would easily cost over $1200 USD.

No Import Taxes and Customs for Canadians

Fellow Canadian Collectors, you know the pain of import taxes and customs buying statues overseas or even from the US. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Canadian collectors will enjoy greater cost savings as no import taxes or customs will be charged to you. It’s one perk of being a Canadian statue producer.

Multiple Switch Out Accessories and Head Portraits

Each character comes with alternate head sculpts and accessories, giving DC statue fans multiple ways to display the Trinity.

  • Batman
    • Portraits:  1) Angry, baring teeth with whited-out eyes. 2.) Serious expression, close mouth and visible pupils
    • Switch Out Accessories: Batarang, open right hand, poseable rope, Batclaw in right hand, left clenched fist, left open hand
  • Wonder Woman 
    • Portraits 1.) Long flowing hair with tiara. 2.) Greco-Roman helmet with a fierce expression.
    • Switch Out Accessories: left and right gripped hands, poseable Lasso of Truth, Aegis Shield, Sword of Athena.
  • Superman
    • Portraits 1.) Stern expression, closed mouth. 2 .) Angry, baring teeth ready to battle.
    • Switch Out Accessories: left and right closed fists, open right hand

Limited Edition

The DC Trinity will have a very low edition size of less than 200, making it a must-have limited edition for DC statue collectors. Due to the high bar of quality we have set, from sculpt to production, we decided a smaller production run would be best.

Payment Plans

We know this is a premium priced collectible. To make this payment much easier to manage, we are offering payment plans for the DC Trinity. We are currently offering 3, 6, and even 12 month installment plans to make this easier on your wallets.

Additional Details of DC Trinity

Product Dimensions: 32.3 in (H) x 27.2 in (W) x 22.5 in (D)

Limited edition

License: Canada

Hand painted

Edition Size: (TBD)

Availability: Preorder ( TBD )

Material: Polystone


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