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Bedrock Collectibles has expanded to into the world of designer art toys, bringing to collectors like you, fresh and exciting designs re-imagined for your favorite characters.

Coming Soon..Houdini!

A legend in escape acts who once dares to cheat death through his personal orchestrated death-defying acts and performances whom eventually succumb to illness brought by unexpected blows.
HOUDINI is the artistical embodiment and abstract representation that to CHEAT DEATH is to chain one’s self to DEATH ITSELF.

Interested in our Chibitz art toy collection? Check out our preview  with lead creator, Derek Laufman, as we explore more of the Chibi art style from the originator himself.

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Our art toy collection was made to bring cool designs from upcoming and established artists to new and familiar characters with a new visual flare

paint Application

Each designer toy is expertly hand painted with vibrant colors and tones to make each design 'pop' and stand out in your collection!


Collecting is an expensive hobby..but it doesn't have to be. We work with our artists and factories to make sure you get great bang for the buck with each art toy.